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Things You Should Know About Weight Loss Products

There are so many weight loss products that are proliferating in the market today; though there is no evidence of their efficacy nor do they have the assurance that they will deliver their promises. With the obesity problems topping the health risks worldwide, there will naturally be some movement for people to lose weight. Unfortunately, this has also led some enterprising people to come up with fraudulent weight loss products to earn more bucks. You need to be wary of them as they are not only expensive, but do not provide solutions to your weight problems as well.

Some of the weight loss products that were proven ineffective were already pulled out in the market though some still persists. These may include the diet patch, which was supposed to work like the nicotine patch, but was proven ineffective by the US FDA and was thus pulled out. Other products include the magnetic diet pills that supposedly flush out fat but do not; the GuarGum that causes internal obstruction, and the eyeglasses that can suppress appetite. The claim that the projected image of the retina can decrease appetite has no proven fact, along with the claims of other weight loss products like the weight loss earrings.

You may also have encountered other weight loss products like diet drinks that you can mix with your food or beverages as meal substitutes. However, once you stop taking the drinks after a short period of time, you will easily regain the weight that you had lost due to the feeling of emptiness in your stomach. Other weight loss products that have the same effects include diet supplements and medicines. Some pills that contain phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride as its ingredient can cause high blood pressure and palpitations; while those that contain Ephedra was known for its serious side effects particularly seizure, heart problems, stroke and cause the death of a number of people.

Other popular weight loss products being offered in health stores or online includes the Herbalife Nutritional Program, which is good for two meals and targets dieters who rely on shakes and artificial dieting methods than working with real foods. There is also the Mega-Thin 100 Formula, which is lauded to contain an anti-fat weapon though the importance of diet is not emphasized. You may also have tried the Nestlé’s Sweet Success as one of your weight loss products, but this does not promote healthy eating habits as well and weight loss can be difficult to maintain.

Some of the weight loss products that promises good results but do not provide long-lasting benefits also include the Ultra Slim Fast, Chitosan products, Chromium supplements; and Green Tea products even though the manufacturers claim that this is the healthiest option to lose weight, as its caffeine content can cause restlessness and insomnia. Besides avoiding diet pills with Ephedra and PPA for their adverse side effects, other weight loss products that you should avoid include Algae tablets, St. John’s Wort supplements, and Glucomannan products as they do not contain the necessary nutrients as part of a varied diet, expensive, and do not support their claims.

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